Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year (Καλη' Χρονια'!)...Just returned from London

The day after Christmas (after Erica left for the States) we boarded a plane for London to spend some time with our newly found European friends. Actually, we met the Loves' in Tulsa last Christmas who were visiting for the holidays. In a very short period of time we have become really good friends.

As part of our trip, we flew through Germany so we could get our passport stamped in Germany rather than Greece. It just keeps the Immigration officers more confused as to our status in/out of Greece. As it turned out, the trip back through Germany was a uneventful and a success. We now have 90 more days before we'll make another trip outside of Greece.

What's more English than eating "fish & chips" on a park bench in a quaint little English beach community? The above picture was taken during our outing with the Loves' to the North Sea coastline where we took a wonderful (but cold) walk on the beach. We then had a bite to eat before heading back to the Love's house. The couple we are with are Andrew and Belinda Love who live to the north of London in Brentwood (about an hour+ northeast of London).

PS. Doesn't Andrew look so English...and I look so American! Next time we go to London, I need to get a cap like his to blend in better. The only problem is when I open my mouth...then it's a bit obvious I'm not British (ha!)

Dinner at the Loves' with some our new British friends. The dinner party was where each couple (not with your spouse) prepared a different course of the meal. It was a great success and a lot of fun. From left to right in the picture; Carol, Ian, Jo, Andrew, Belinda, Collin and Claudia (still wearing her cooking apron).

Caitlin and Felicity before riding trail bikes in the English countryside.

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Dr.H. Inbody said...

I keep looking for Helen and Bob in the pictures. Surely they are somewhere around,aren't they??

Glad you had fun and are back home safe.