Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meeting with Aaron and friend; an answer to prayer

I'm having lunch tomorrow with a young man (Chinese) that I met at a our "small group" from church. His English name is Aaron (or Yibing).

Aaron is a fairly new Christian (about a year ago). God used his wife (Nink) to bring him to the Lord when they met in London. It's amazing how God works to reach people. Aaron, being from China, was an atheist, but now he proclaims the name of the Lord!

I've met with him before over lunch and explained what BSF is all about. He's really thirsty to know more about God's word and has indicated he wants to be apart of BSF when it starts. He's also apart of our Planning Committee to help us get a men's BSF class started in Bangkok.

He called me today and wants me to meet him for lunch and he also wants to bring a friend (co-worker) with him so I can tell him about BSF.

We (our group of BSF employees in Bangkok) had just prayed today that I would continue to connect with new men so that I could tell them about BSF. In fact, I voiced the prayer concern, and before we actually prayed, Aaron called me. I didn't immediately take his call, but silenced it until after prayer. So, when I called him back after prayer, Aaron told me he wanted to have lunch and to bring a friend so I could tell him about BSF.

What an answer to prayer!

God is good!

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