Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Trip to Prison...

Wanted to let you know that on Tuesday, I went with a local prison ministry group to teach English in a nearby prison for men. The men in the the low security prison (2000+) are primarily there for drug related arrests. Of course, while teaching English, you can share the Bible, your faith or other means to introduce the men to Christ.

I partnered with a Thai woman (Nelda) in the beginners English class of 5 young Thai men. However, during Nelda's teaching, I was given an opportunity to share my testimony and why I was in Thailand. Later in the class, Nelda asked the men their questions and thoughts about Christmas. What is it for? What does it mean?

Most of their questions or responses were about "gifts", Santa Claus (which is a gift giver) and the Christmas tree (ie. ever green or everlasting life). Nelda gave me an opportunity to answer their questions, so I began telling them (she translated) of God giving us the perfect "gift" of Christ and that Christ gave us the "gift" of new life through his death. And, as I ended, Nelda and I prayed with 2 young men to receive the "gift" of salvation through faith/belief in Jesus Christ.

How's that for an English class! Praise the Lord!

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