Friday, January 23, 2009

Another trip to Prison

Today was my first trip to this prison. I joined a ministry group (2 Americans and 1 German) who have been teaching the Bible (in English) to a group of International prisoners at a prison north of Bangkok. The prisoners that we teach are primarily Nigerian, but there are a few other nationalities as well. There is another group of Bible teachers who speak Thai and teach the Thai prisoner population.

I had a great first experience. Mark Blanford (of the Christian Prison Ministry Foundation) and I had a group of 15 men in attendance. I did the teaching on Luke 14:25-35; The Cost of being a Disciple. The men were patient in listening, but at the end they had a lot of questions....some over the scripture we studied and some questions were just general questions about the Bible. I was encouraged to hear that some of the men were very passionate about Christ and studying the Bible.

It's definitely something I'll continue to do. As you may or may not know, I have been looking for some other ministry opportunities (other than BSF) to fill my time. At this point, I'd say this is something that suits me.

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