Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finally, an update! Sorry for the delay

Sorry for such a long delay in updating the blog! A lot has happened and the more time I let pass the worse it became in trying to update. However, without trying to recount the past 4-5 months, let me just give you a brief summary with a few highlights.

CAITLIN GRADUATES from ISB June 10, 2009. She did such a marvelous job in her studies. Caitlin is my new HERO. For the past 2 years Caitlin has handled herself with diligence, perseverance and of course, with excellence...all without a single complaint. She definitely rose to the challenge of being in 2 different schools & in 2 different countries (Greece and Thailand) over the past 2 years to finish her high school career. Her experience in living overseas has and will continue to shape Caitlin in her world view. Who really knows the true impact her overseas experience will make on her future path in life. Only God knows.

Now, she has enrolled at Baylor University (Waco, Texas) and started school August 24. This is Caitlin (before her she got her hair cut) and her room mate Caroline in front of their dorm at Baylor .
Caitlin and Caroline in their dorm room.

BACK in the USA from June 12-Aug 24. What can I say but it was great to be back during our summer break. I must say we spent most of our time visiting family and friends. Living overseas you forget what NORMAL looks and feels like. It took all of about 10 seconds to feel normal again. It's really nice to be able drive and get around by car anytime your want.

While we were busy visiting Tara & Isaac in Dallas, moving Erica and Chase from Norman to Edmond in their new house and with a brief trip to California to see my mother and sister, we spent the majority of our time in Tulsa. We stayed out in Coweta with some new found friends Scott and Kim Burnett. We stayed in the BARN next to their BIG HOUSE. However, you need not pity us for being so mistreated as homeless missionaries. God was good and provided us wonderful Christian friends and wonderful accommodations.

Some summer pics; our 3 girls at a wedding & my 4 girls at the musical WICKED in Tulsa.

Our last night the USA; eating Mexican food at Haciendas in Dallas with Tara & Isaac, Erica & Chase & Claudia (I'm taking the pic).

NOW, we're back in Thailand as of August 25. I will write another blog to update you later on what's happening in Thailand.


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