Saturday, November 28, 2009


Above is our BSF leadership team. Top row (from left to right); Montree (Thai), Paul (Thai), Harun (India), Ferdinand (Philippines), Wichai (Thai), John (Kenya), & Howard (Hong Kong)
Bottom row (left to right); Mark (Singapore), Thirayost (Thai), Hyou (Thai), Delbrin (Philippines), Paul (Kenya), Gary (USA), Mike (Canada). The one leader missing from the picture is Wiworn (Thai).

We've been training for 3 weeks with one more week to go. I just love these men and their willingness and faithfulness to serve. We'll take off December and then the class will begin 18 Jan for 5 weeks (through 15 Feb).

Currently, we have 95 men & 7 children registered. At the end of the 1st 5 week class (Philippians), we will continue with 2 more 5 week classes. (Ruth and Colossians). At the end of each 5 week class, the men have a chance to register for the next class.

God is good!


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