Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Women's BSF presentation tonight

Tonight, as I write, the women's prayer group is having a BSF presentation in our apartment. Many of these women have been praying for BSF to get started in Athens. Presentations are a means to introduce people to the concept of BSF. As they hear about BSF and it's vision, they will decided to register for the upcoming Pilot class. A Pilot class is just a mini-BSF class which will last for a short 5 week period. This is away to have them try BSF for a shorter period of time to see if they want to continue. We trust as people will come and begin to study God's word for themselves, they will "see" the benefit of being involved with this type of study. The Word will sell itself.

For those reading this blog, please pray for our success in Athens.

Love and Blessings
From the Walthall's

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