Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Family pic on Mars Hill; the location where the Apostle Paul is believed to have preached in Athens and declared to them, "For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: TO AN UNKNOWN GOD. Now what you worship as something unknown I am going to proclaim to you." Acts 17:23


Rebecca Brown said...

Greetings from Jenks America!! It is so good to hear about you. I was hoping that you would do a newsletter or blog or something. Emily has let me see Caitlin's facebook a few times. Life is fast and furious here. Clara has started basketball and Emily has a job. She doesn't come home much, which I hate, but love the job.
My co-worker is coming to Athens November 10 for 10 days. Can she bring you anything? How can she contact you? Well got to get ready for school and work, get the day started. Its Halloween, whoopee! Love you guys and praying for you. Love, Rebecca

Dr.H. Inbody said...

Hey, never mind the email. I found the blog. So glad you are doing this. Your apt looks like you have been "working your magic". /But the food looks sooo good.
It sounds like you have been hard at work. I am sure your classes will go well. When are you starting language lessons? We worked in the kitchen at church tonight so its been a long day. Tell Caitlin "to hang in there, it will get better and God will send her a special girl friend" I miss you a lot.


Helen (no, I have not found a S S class yet.)

normamurphy said...

I've been reading your blog since Jamie let us know about it and am so excited to see your faces! We've sure missed you all, think of you and pray for you often! (The little book marks are great reminders!) It looks like you are really settling in and God is surely ahead of you taking care of all your needs! Thanks for the list of prayer concerns! Lots going on here, just missing the Walthalls!! Sure proud of you!! We will stay in touch here... (When can we catch you on Skype or is that too difficult?) Love ya, Norma