Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Greek to me...part II

It was in November of last year that I embarked on an ambitious language course in Greek. The class was 5 days a week for 3 hours/day. As it turned out, this was way "too ambitious" and they were moving too fast for me. I lasted for "2 days" before, as they say, "I saw the writing on the wall" and realized I needed to go to plan B.

So, as of mid January, I have now been enrolled in the same Level I Greek class but it meets MWF for 7 weeks. I must say, it is still challenging, but I have been able to manage it better. I now have 6 more (out of 20) classes to go before I'm done! Yippee! I'll have to assess at the end (they'll test us to see our level of proficiency) whether I'll go to Level II, or repeat Level I, or just take a breather. I must say that learning a new language at 56 is not the easiest thing I've ever done. There are much younger students in my class that are picking it up much easier, but Greek is also their 3rd or 4th language. That is such a European thing.

Speaking of language classes, Claudia, Guenter & Donna Wadewitz now are taking Greek lessons with a private tutor that comes to the apartment. It's a much more relaxed pace and is totally geared to their level and pace of learning. They meet on Tues/Thurs for an hour and half.

Gary (Γκαρυ)

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Rebecca Brown said...

Good to hear that your Greek is coming along. Probably never thought that you would be bilingual. Bet Caitlin is doing great after taking all of that Latin. Clara actually signed up for Latin next year after I told her that Caitlin had taken it. Pray that you are doing well. Emily has been home for Springbreak. Its been nice, but its about time she goes back to Norman. ya know. Hope you have a great Easter celebrating our Lord and Savior. Love you, Rebecca