Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's No "April's Fool" Joke...the Women's Pilot to start in May!

Sorry that I haven't been updating the blog, but actually we've been in a holding pattern waiting on finding enough qualified "leaders." It appeared that all was lost and that there would be no Pilot class this spring, but BSF headquarters has decided to allow the women to start the Pilot class without a children's program (which means 4 less leaders to obtain). Normally, BSF classes offer a full children's program for the evening classes which mean the women can bring their school age children with them. However, in the interest of not losing the momentum with women already registered, BSF has given Donna and Claudia the green light to START!

As it stands now, the 4 week training for the leaders will begin very soon and the 5 week Pilot in Philippians may start as early as May. Praise the Lord!

thank you for all your prayers!


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