Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week One

Well, we have been in Bangkok for just over a week now.
I'm not sure how long I can blame this "deer in the headlights look" on jet lag,but for now,that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
After our unexpected overnight delays in both San Francisco and Tokyo, we arrived in Bangkok with our six over weight suitcases in tow. Mike met us at the airport and was invaluable in helping us from the start.

Our temporary housing situation is less than desirable... and has served as our motivation to find something newer and nicer... as soon as possible. We are working with two real estate agents...and have a couple of good options to choose from.

Caitlin has completed her first week of school at The International School of Bangkok. It appears that she will be able to compensate for the 12 days of school that she missed before we arrived. She has already met a couple of nice Christian things seem to be headed in the right direction.

In an attempt to find a church where we can worship and serve, we will visit each of the 4 English speaking Evangelical churches in the Bangkok area. Last week we attended the Anglican church with Melinda... and today we attended The Evangelical Church of Bangkok with Mike and Charlene. While at ECB this morning we actually met a man from working for Chevron in Bangkok.

I attended our BSF Class workshop on Saturday... and am looking forward to the start of the new class year on September 9th. Gary and Mike will host the first men's prayer group meeting on September 15th.

The political situation here in Bangkok has taken an unexpected turn. What started out(five days ago)as a peaceful demonstration...has turned out bigger than expected and has included the demonstrators taking over several government buildings.We get our information by watching CNN or by reading the Bangkok Post(English Edition)but have not seen any of it first hand.

Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words...they are both important to us!



Jamie Watkins said...

Glad to see this up and running. I will try to look at it often. Glad you are sort of settling in. I am sure you are tired and confused. I know that will get better. Love you all and miss you so much.

Coach's Office said...

You are in our prayers. Glad things are going ok. I'll get on Skype soon! Love you all!


Steve w said...

We're praying for you...