Sunday, September 7, 2008

Moving next week; our new address plus more...

After being in Bangkok for 2 weeks, we have finally found a permanent apartment. It's a spacious furnished 3 bedroom in the downtown area. Actually, we are in the same apartment building as Melinda Burnette (BSF teaching leader) who has been living in this apartment building for a year. So at least we know one neighbor in the building. We are pleased to have finally landed on something and very much look forward to moving in on Thursday Sept. 11 and getting out of our suitcases and getting settled.

Of course after moving in, Claudia will enjoy making our apartment feel more like home even though it's already fully furnished. Claudia's already scheming how to improve it by moving some furnisher around and she's already commented on how the lamp shades are too small for the lamps so I'm sure that will change as well. We still need to buy sheets, towels, dishes, etc, and of course, she will most likely add some "fresh flowers" to make it feel more like home. She's is awesome at making a home feel special. I'm looking forward to seeing it transform.

Our new address is:
Baan Thirapa
11 Soi Phra Pinijt Tung-Makamake
Apt 202
Sathorn, Bangkok 10120

Cell: 084-349-6655 (Gary)
011-66-84-349-6655 (outside Thailand)
Cell: 084-349-6633 (Claudia)
011-66-84-349-6633 (outside Thailand)

Up coming this week, Tuesday Sept 9, the BSF Women's class will be starting for the new year. This year's study is "The life of Moses" (Exodus, Lev, Nu and Duet.) Claudia will be joining the leadership team as a childrens leader.

Also, this week Caitlin's school will be on holiday Thursday and Friday which will be a nice break for her. So as not to waste this "out of school" holiday, Caitlin will be going with a youth church group to Koh Ta Lu (an island) for a beach retreat Sept 11-13th! Sounds nice, but Caitlin has already informed her mother and I that they do not need us as student sponsors...too bad:(

Today (Sunday Sept 7) we visited the International Church of Bangkok which is located very near to our new apartment. We enjoyed the service and met some new people this morning. Upon arriving, Caitlin saw her math teacher at church. He's a member which is nice to know that he is a Christian (unlike our experience in Greece). Next Sunday, we plan to attend the Calvary Baptist Church. Hopefully, after 4 successive weekends of visiting different churches we can find a church home. This is just another step in getting settled in Bangkok.

I'll close for now and hopefully we'll write more next week to keep you up with what's happening.




Rebecca Brown said...

Its so good to know that already God is providing for you in Bangkok. Caitlin has friends,you are safe,you guys know people, you've found a nice apartment, and have 4 churches to choose from. Miss you guys and think of you often. Claudia, you need a facebook.

Jamie Watkins said...

Hi Guys,
I am so glad you have found a place to call "home" that ou like. That is so important. I know you will be so happy to get settled. Caitlin, good job, conveniently having a retreat to go on:) Gary, you are a blessed man to have Claudia by you side. I know she will make it wonderful place to live. I am praying for you constantly, miss you so much. I love you,