Friday, March 20, 2009

Beginning Thai language classes

Well, I've finally made the jump into language classes. I don't know why I've procrastinated for so long, but I guess it's better late than never. I think since I took 2 levels in Greek while in Greece last year only to move out of the county may have quelled my interest in taking another language. Especially not knowing if our time in Bangkok would long term or not. But, as it appears now, we will be here for at least another year. So, why not?

I began classes a week ago last Thursday (March 12) and will be attending for 4 weeks (M-F) in the mornings for 3 hours/class. Needless to say, after 3 hours a day of language class, my brain (or what's left of it) is pretty "fried."

One funny moment last week in class when I was trying to tell another person my name in Thai, that I stumbled over saying my own name Gary! I definitely got "tongue twisted." Well, I'll persevere for another 13 lessons (until April 9).

I do enjoy our young female Thai teacher (Khruu su nissa). Our class only has 2 people in it, so it's just Bernie (a retired teacher from England) and me.

more later...

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Christopher S. Thrutchley, Esq. said...

hey, gary, great to "hear" from you by checking out the latest on your blog! praying for you!

would love to chat some time soon about the FRA process. we're very interested in going to India to help with some needs there and would like more detail about the process. my email is