Friday, March 20, 2009

BSF Men's prayer group; Special Thursday meeting

As you can see, the this group is very diverse; 7 nationalities (8 Thai, 3 Americans, 2 Chinese, 2 Filipino, 1 Japanese, 1 Canadian & 1 Indian) representing 7 different churches.

Thursday night, our prayer group convened a Special meeting so that the BSF Area Adviser (who lives in Seoul, S Korea) could meet and visit with the men. Our Area Adviser will be communicating back to BSF headquarters with her recommendation and assessment as to whether there is enough interest in Bangkok to launch into the next phase. The next phase is to begin registering men for a pilot class beginning in Sept or October.

I'd have to say that Roz (our Area Adviser) was very impressed with the men and their enthusiasm. However, we've had good attendance for quite sometime, so we are very encouraged that we will be (tentatively, waiting on final confirmation) be moving into the next phase of our work.

Praise the Lord for his work in the hearts of these men. The next step is to register 75 men for a 5 week pilot class, find enough leaders to run the class (10-15 men) and find a host church. As you can see, our task is Big, but our God is even BIGGER.

thank you for your prayers


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