Friday, November 2, 2007

It's Greek to me!

Shhhh! Is he asleep or, just resting his eyes?

No, I'm studying modern Greek(or at least will be in the near future). I'll be taking Greek language classes beginning Monday for 4 weeks (Nov 5-30)at the Athens Center near downtown. Classes meet M-F from 1-4 pm. So, I'll be busy for the next 4 weeks. I've been in the country for over 2 months now and all I can say is "hello" and I can order Coca Cola, but that's about it. So, it's time for some more serious effort in learning the language. Wish me luck!


Rebecca Brown said...

So, Starbucks in Athens too. You obviously know how to order your caffe too. I know that you can at least master one of the most important phrases to learn in any language (according to my children) "Where is the bathroom?" I'll be praying for your success. Love, Rebecca

David & Phyllis Morris said...

It is so good to hear from you. We hope and pray you are adjusting well and the blog is great! The food looks wonderful and don't you love that it is local and fresh? Try the Saginaki (?sp) (flaming cheese dish) if you can find it. It is wonderful. We were at the OSU football game today and it was the annual fundraiser for Ray Murphy there. Southern Hills Baptist Church was on the jumbotron. I was the only one cheering. Greg Gruenwald was there also but I didn't hear him. We miss you all and wish to the best. We will continue to pray for you and enjoy the wonderful future God has laid out ahead of you. God Bless, David & Phyllis

Judy said...

Your blog URL was given to all the leaders in the Tulsa EW class. I know that we are all eager to see how your adventure turns out.

Learning Greek seems so daunting because the letters are all funky lookin'! We pray for strength, stamina, and excellent recall as you go about this task.