Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thankful to be Home (Athens) again from Bulgaria

As you can see, the train cabins were extremely small... cozy, rather.

With nothing else to do and nowhere else to go, we settled for eating a snack in our bedroom/kitchen/dining room/living room.

Mom and Dad and I at our Thanksgiving dinner. It was no Turkey and Dressing, but we were still Thankful.

Dad and I took a walk around the Hotel complex; it was a very nice area.

These are some trees that we thought would be perfect for Christmas trees. Unfortunately, we couldn't bring them home...

Mom just before we checked out of our hotel.

Passing the time while waiting to go to the train station.

Mom and I are new best friends, and I explained to her that "this is what best friends do" (take pictures of themselves)

Me eating dinner... ha ha

Dad eating dinner

On the way home, Mom passed the time by listening to Christmas music on her ipod, and playing a game of Sudoku.


Rebecca Brown said...

praise God that you are back "home" safe and sound. Will continue to pray for your ministry. Love you guys, Rebecca

Kathy said...

You know I have looked at these pictures several times and for whatever reason not commented until now. I absolutely love the picture of Caitlin and Claudia and the great quote "this is what best friends do". I love you guys. I'm praying for you and your current work for the Lord and success with the new ladies study (referring to Claudia's post in early Jan). I love you to Athens and back!