Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fact is stranger than fiction...Spending Thanksgiving in Bulgaria? Nov 22-23

How do you say "p u m p k i n p i e" in Bulgarian? Ha ha! Yes, we are going to spend Thanksgiving in Bulgaria. I guess it's no stranger spending Thanksgiving in Bulgaria than Greece. The problem is... Neither country will have pumpkin pie and turkey and dressing!

Just wanted to let you know what's up for next week...we are schedule to leave the country for a few days because our 90 day tourist visa is about to expire. So, we've decided to take an overnight train from Athens to Sofia, Bulgaria arriving Nov 22 (Thursday) in Bulgaria. We will stay one night in a hotel and then return to Athens November 23/24. On our train trip, we will be in a family cabin which has sleeping berths for 3. From what we've heard they are comfortable and cozy.

Why Bulgaria? Good question. We had earlier talked about going to Albania via a flight to Corfu, Greece and then taking a ferry ride to Albania for the day. As we considered the potential risk of the ferry not running due to weather/high winds, it seemed a bit risky. It's not that unusual of weather delays happening with the ferries. Additionally, we know some people who have recently made a couple of successful "turn-around" trips to Bulgaria (ie ministry people who work for Campus Crusades), so we decide on the "sure" thing...especially for our first "turnaround" trip.

Anyway, when you're sitting down next Thursday for a great Turkey dinner, just think of us. We'll probably be eating Bulgaria's finest "goulosh." Ha! Ha! By the way, what kind of food do they eat in Bulgaria? Maybe we'll come back with some good Bulgarian recipes that we can share with you. LOL

But, on a serious note... you could pray for us in this manner...
1. pray for our safety. Bulgaria is known to be a bit on the rough side.
2. pray that our return trip back into Greece will go smoothly (ie. that they will stamp our passports without noticing we have not been out of the country for 90 days.)

Praise to the Lord for, "He will not let your(our) foot slip-- he who watches over you (us) will not slumber." (Ps 121:3)


PS. when we get back from Bulgaria, I hope to post some pics and give you an update on our trip


Tracie said...

We will have you in our prayers on Thursday. God is doing amazing things and I know that His door will be opened to you. Don't worry about the turkey & dressing it is all overrated in the states anyway. LOL!!!!!


Rebecca Brown said...

May the Lord keep you safe in his loving hand and lift you up in His due time. Happy Thanksgiving! Well, at least you won't need a nap after eating all that sedating turkey. :) We'll be at mom and dad's as usual, and probably take a nap. Dad's 76th birthday is monday. Praise God for his good health. Love you all, Rebecca