Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BSF Men's Informational Meeting a Success

Our scheduled Informational meeting on Monday night was a great success. The meeting was held at the Calvary Baptist Church of Bangkok and we were very encouraged to have 21 men in attendance. Praise the Lord!

As it turned out, most of the men in attendance were there because of their wives or friends in the Women's BSF class had told them about the meeting. Having an existing BSF women's class in Bangkok is definitely an advantage because men can actually see the "difference" a Bible study like BSF has had on someone they personally know.

We spent our time telling men about BSF and letting them know about the process of starting a BSF class.

For now, we are asking men to join us in a Planning Committee (our core group) to help us "pray and plan" on getting connected to other men and churches throughout Bangkok. Out of the 21 in attendance, we had 16 men who said they were willing to be apart of the Planning Committee. We will begin meeting on a regular basis on the 1st and 3rd Monday's of each month.

For the next several months (until May, 09) our goal is to continue to nurture and buildup this core group of men so that we will be ready to launch into the Pilot class phase (Sept, 09- May, 10). The bigger and stronger this core group, the greater chance of success.

thank you for your continue interest and prayers

Phil 4:13

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