Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Day in the Life of Bangkok; ...Part II

After our meeting, we all boarded the "tuk tuk" at Mike and Charlene's apartment and drove down the street to the end of the block. Now, it's lunch time!

On route, Claudia in the "tuk tuk"

Today, Melinda took us to a really good hamburger place called the "GARAGE." Melinda and Claudia are cleaning their hands with "wipes" and waiting for a good old fashion cheese burger!

Later on in the day, Gary riding on the back of a motorcycle heading home...we're weaving our way through traffic! Claudia took the more sane and safer route via the Sky Train.

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Julie said...

Just to let you know I check your blog often, I have about five I frequent. I love the pictures and descriptions of life in Bangkok. I get a little lesson everytime and learn something about the City you're in and it is very interesting. Glad you found a hamburger place. Praying for you all as you serve in Bangkok. Looking forward to more updates. Love you all,
Julie Ryker