Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Life

New life of any kind should be celebrated, because all life is from God.  But, I am especially excited because this new life is in a 40 year old Thai man who has been in the BSF Bangkok Men’s class for about 2 years.

After lecture tonight (21 Oct), this Thai class member shared with me that he had been baptized last weekend while in Hong Kong! He said that since coming to BSF, he had come to know Christ through the study of God’s word.

He was enthusiastic as he told me about his baptism and was genuinely appreciative of  BSF where God had brought him to faith. Because he is the only Christian in his family, he was pleased to share such good news with me and others at BSF.  

One of the greatest joys of teaching God’s Word is in seeing God change lives. This is just one example of how God is working in Bangkok.

Praise God for the fruit of new life from the study of His Word! 
Thank you for your continued prayer support.


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