Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful for the "small things"

Our Evening Men class in Bangkok has always had a struggling School Program. But, this year, it has been exceptionally difficult to get the students to come to class. While in previous years our numbers were small, this year the “new norm” unfortunately has been zero students for several weeks with an intermingling of 1 to 2 students. We continue to pray that the Lord will convince men in our class to bring their students.

However, last Monday night (21 Oct), we were excited to have three students come! For us, it was a real victory.  Praise be to God!  One of the students was a young girl who was attending BSF for the first time. I can only imagine that she was fearful of being the only student, or at least that she might be the only girl. However, by God’s grace and plan, there was another girl (14 year old) who also came. Praise God for his perfect timing and provision!

In addition to the three students, God also reminded me of His faithfulness to bless the work done in and thru our School Program. Two young men who recently graduated from our School Program, are now attending our adult class! Both of them understand the importance of continuing their Bible study in the men’s class.  As an extra bonus…one of the young men is a gifted piano player and he plays the piano for us as well. What a blessing!

Sometimes I get caught up in the numbers, but God gently reminds me of the greatness and wonder of how He works… even in the small things.

Just thought you might want to know.
Blessings from Bangkok, Thailand


Please continue to pray with us for the success and growth in our School Program.

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