Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Special guests in our BSF classes; Oct 14-15, 2013

What an honor and a delight!  After spending three amazing days at the BSF Leaders Retreat in Singapore, we had the special privilege of having several staff members from BSF headquarters and the BSF Board of Directors visit the Bangkok classes.

Our distinguished guests included Susie Rowan (Executive Director of BSF) and her husband Roger Rowan, Melinda Burnette (Director of Training), Anthony Tan (Board of Directors) and his wife Shirley Tan, and Susanne Sloan (Board of Directors) and her husband Sam Sloan.

Their visit to each of the three Bangkok BSF classes was an enormous encouragement to leaders and class members alike. Susie took the opportunity to speak briefly to each of the classes…and our class members loved it!

Gary & Claudia Walthall
GA’s serving in Bangkok, Thailand

Susie Rowan (BSF exec Director) speaking to the Evening Men's class in Bangkok 

Susie Rowan sitting in a one of the men's discussion group


Stacey said...

its quite hard to find out when and where mens bible study meets, how can i get that info as its not pisted here....??

Stacey said...

not posted?? sorry