Monday, May 5, 2008

Encouragement from BSF HQ

Dr. Chuck Musfeldt and wife Linda on tour of Scotland, Athens and Rome, visited us in Athens on April 25-28. Dr. Chuck, a self-described Barnabus, was exactly that for us. They were both here to encourage us and Dr. Chuck also visited the men's prayer group on Monday, April 28.
Dr Chuck and Linda at one of our favorite places to eat Kababs at the Plaka.

from left to right: Claudia (isn't she beautiful in blue?), Dr. Chuck, Linda, Donna and Guenter. Donna and Guenter Wadewitz are our co-partners in Christ and are also here in Athens with us to help establish BSF.

Dr. Chuck, Sam (Nigerian), Gary and Tosh (Nigeria)

Dr. Chuck, Sam, Guenter (North Corolina; my co-partner in Greece) and Tosh

Having dinner at our apartment on Monday night. After dinner, we had a special time of prayer and words of encouragement.

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