Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Trek from the Sea to the Summit of Oia, the famous city of Santorini

Did I say that the trek from the ocean to Oia was up a mountain? Seems like a great place to place a city. So, where's the elevator or tram to the top? Oh, I forgot, were in Greece. The only way to the top was to do it the old fashion way...walk or see your nearest "donkey dealer" for the fastest way up!
It was fun and a bit nerve wracking as well as the donkey's begun the trek up to the top of the mountain.
I'm not sure how you say "giddie up" or "whoaaa" to a donkey in Greek. No instructions were given and I guess none were needed as the donkeys seem to know where they were going...uphill on the switch back trail to the top! The only instinct I had was just to hang on!
Claudia...wondering what she's got herself into. "Whose idea was this?" Claudia's one concern before getting on this donkey was whether the donkey was the right color to go with her outfit. Good choice...white is a great neutral and of course, it's after Easter when white is definitely fashionable.
Up we go! Notice I was more intent of hanging on than posing for the picture.
Caitlin near the summit on her trusty steed (or donkey). Caitlin's feeling pretty comfortable at this that the ride was over.
Finally, to the summit...and what a view!

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