Monday, May 5, 2008

Flowers Blooming from the Rocks! Only God can do this!

When Dr. Chuck and Linda came to Athens, Guenter and I took them to Mars Hill, next to the Acropolis. Mars Hill was where the Apostle Paul preached his sermon to the Athenians about the "unknown God." (Acts 17:22-31) Note the picture below.
After Dr. Chuck had prayed for Guenter and I and we were headed down for lunch, it dawned on me how significant this particular view of Mars Hill was...a few flowers growing out of the rocks. What a strange but clear picture of what we face in Athens. The ground in Athens is very hard (spiritually speaking) and yet, by God's grace and power, God can cause flowers to bloom out the rock. Only God can do such a thing as this!

We continue to pray God will plant spiritual seeds in the cracks of the rocks, water it with spiritual rain and then flowers will bloom. Please partner with us to pray for flowers to bloom from the rocks in Athens.


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