Saturday, May 3, 2008

Trip to the Greek Island of Santorini

While Caitlin was still on spring break, we decided to take a short (3 day, 2 night) visit to the beautiful and probably most famous Greek Island. We took a fast ferry on Wednesday morning (boat left at 7 AM) and arrived 4 hours later in Santorini. Upon arriving, we were hurried away (via a van)from the port up over the steep mountain to the back side of the Island to Kamari beach. It's famous for it's black beaches. At this time of the year (late April, early May), the island is just beginning to awaken to the onslaught of summer and the busy tourist season. Actually, about half of of the small hotels and some of the shops/restaurants are still closed. Everything on Santorini should be fully going by the end of May.

In our short stay, we did some sun bathing at the hotel upon arriving on Wednesday, then later that evening we took a cab to the capital of the Island (Fira) for some shopping and dinner.

Thursday, was a busy day. We took a harbor boat tour that took us to the Volcano for a 2 hour visit, then to a brief stay at a nearby island that had hot springs, to another local island(Thirissia)for lunch and then to Oia (ee-a)for to view a beautiful sunset.
Our boat for the tour of the Caldera volcano

All aboard who's going aboard. Caitlin and Claudia aboard ship. Of course, Claudia has already taken her dramamine. But, as it turned out, the harbor was smooth and the time on the boat was very limited as we hopped from island to island.

Atop the Volcano over looking near by Santorini and the city of Oia. I don't know who the guy in the back ground is? He's just happy is survived the climb to get to the top.

Our ship awaiting our return along with Captain Jack Sparrow's ship the Black Pearl as well. "Yo Ho, mate!"
The view from the Volcano summit over looking the city of Oia. Oia was our last stop for the afternoon where we watched the sunset.

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