Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bangkok Evening men class; Good news, Bad news

Good news: I wanted to show 2 pictures of our discussion groups right before the Christmas break. One group is rather large with 17 men going over their daily questions. Each group is led by a discussion group leader which facilitates the group discussion. I just love this picture because it shows men who are interested enough to pull away from their busy lives and come on Monday night to study God's word.

Bad news: Each discussion group should not have more than 15 men in each group so that the discussion can be more meaningful and manageable. This night, I had to combine 2 different groups into one because I lack enough group leaders to lead.

Prayer request: bottom line...I need at least 1 more group leader (possibly 2). Pray with me that God will prepare the hearts of one on my class members to step up to the challenge of being a group leader.

Good news: we have a school program! Currently, we have level 5 open which includes students from 13-18 years of age. On opening day of our class for ACTS, we had 5 students come. Now, we are down to 2 students. However, both of these young men are Thai and one needs help with English. The good news is my children's leader is a Thai and can help translate. Both of the Thai students are very faithful in attending. I am so thankful for the 3 leaders we have in our school program. They are faithful and see the importance of their work in the school program.

Bad news: Back in November, my 2nd children's leader abruptly left so that I only have one children's leader. Our requirement is that we have 2 CL's per class. The the other bad news is we only have 2 students.

Prayer request: We NEED 1 more CL and we need more students. Pray the Lord will prepare the heart of another man to take on such an important role of teaching these students. Also, pray the men of the class will see the great value of bringing their school aged students to class with them on Monday nights. Also, pray for my current leaders to faithfully continue to serve and not be discouraged by such small numbers of students.

thank you for your interest in our class. We value your interest & prayers


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Chris Thrutchley said...

Praying for you, Gary! Keep up the great work!