Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prison visit

Monday morning at prison (Jan 9):
On most Monday mornings, I teach in one of the central prisons for drug offenses in Bangkok. However, for the past 3 months I have not been able to go because of the floods in Thailand & then, Claudia & I went back to the USA for Christmas break. However, I wanted to share with you a wonderful story about a young man I met today.

Upon arriving & as the men began gathering together, I was introduced to a young man from Singapore named Max. He has just been in prison since October and has not yet received his sentence. Max is a tall well spoken educated young man...probably about 30. Another prisoner introduced me to Max & said, "Max had been a Buddhist but NOW has received Christ."

I couldn't help but see & be moved by the smile on his face as he began telling me that God had been pursuing him. However, with God's previous attempts to reach him, he rejected God & Christ at each point. But, changed suddenly for Max. He was arrested on drug charges & placed in prison. It was in this prison that others also began to share Christ with him. And, now the rest is history. I've never seen a man so happy to be in prison because it was where God finally caught up with him & got his attention.

When all the men, who had congregated to listen to a Bible lesson (about 80 men in all), I couldn't help but notice Max's reaction when the men began singing Amazing Grace. He began wiping the tears from his face. My thoughts Amazing God is & how far God will go to reach a soul. He just needed to get Max to a place where he would listen.

Prison is an ugly place to be... but it can be a place where men will finally listen. It's too bad it has to come to that, but God will go to any length to reach a soul.

thank you for listening...
pray that many more men will come to know Christ... like Max

serving a Great GOD!

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