Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Chinese (Lunar) News Years!

Happy Chinese (Lunar) new year!
In this part of the world, Chinese news year is a big deal. While, in Thailand, it is not a national holiday, the holiday is still celebrated with great fan fare. Since moving to Thailand, I am amazed at the Chinese influence in, not only Thailand, but in all of Southeast Asia. Whether they are from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or other nearby countries, most will say they have Chinese ancestry. And, even if you are not part Chinese, most will celebrate the festive Chinese New Year. Apparently, this is the year of the dragon which one of the 12 yearly symbols.

 We just wanted to share with you some pictures from Monday (23 January) as we celebrated the Chinese New Year with some of our dear friends (most of whom are BSF'ers).

The above picture is of the ladies that attended the Chinese luncheon at the Shangrala Hotel in Bangkok (from left to left to right)
Doreen (BKK Day Women's class Class Admin), Jessica (not in BSF but is our landlord and good friend), Candi (BKK Day Women's class Substitute TL, Claudia (BKK Day Women TL), Charlene (Dehli, India Evening Women's class serving as Assistant Class Admin) & Dorothy (BKK Evening women's class member)

And, here are the men that attended the Chinese luncheon (from left to right)
Mark (BKK Evening men's class Class Admin), Lay Tee (not currently in BSF, but is our landlord and just so fun to be around), Gary (BKK Evening Men's class TL), Mike (use to be by STL in BKK, but is now in Dehli, India serving as Substitute TL) & Howard (BKK EM STL & host for our luncheon)

We are thankful the Lord has brought us to Thailand & we are enjoying serving the Lord here!
thank you for your interest & your prayers

Gary & Claudia Walthall
Serving in Bangkok, Thailand with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)

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