Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a morning walk to the Park

A morning walk to the Park; Street vendors, exercise & lizards... (Jan 11)

One of the benefits of living where we do, there is a great nearby park; just about a 10 minute walk. Of course, ANY day in Thailand is going to be warm, but today was cooler than normal because it was cloudy. So, this morning (Wednesday) Claudia & I walked down to Lumpini Park (pronounced; "Loom-P-Nee") to walk & run. The Thai people, especially older Thai's, love to go the Park early and exercise before it gets too hot. Some will walk or run, but others like to do Tai Chi in groups (sometimes with fans, or swords; yes, I said swords!)

However, on our way to the Park, we walked through a small & crowded pathway of street "food vendors." This is a common occurrence around the city everyday. Either for breakfast, lunch or dinner, most Thai's pick up food to go or they'll eat at some small tables set up on the sidewalk. While this is a normal occurrence for the nationals, Claudia & I generally do not eat on street.

And, lastly, most times at the park it would be hard to miss the rather large lizards that occasionally come out of the water and rest on the bank. They appear to be harmless but they can get quite big (some up to 5-6') a just a little intimidating. Here's a pic of a small lizard near the water. No one seems bothered by them being around, so we just act like it's "normal" to have what appears to be man eating lizards hanging around (just kidding about 'man eating'). As for as we know... we can out run them!

Anyway, thought you might be interested in a few things that happened this morning.

Gary & Claudia Walthall
enjoying Thailand and what God has called us to do through BSF

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