Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Persecution of Christians are generally something we only hear about happening in some far off distant land. However, over the past couple of months, several men have come to our men's class who are fleeing religious persecution in their own countries. We've had men from Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and VietNam who are here seeking asylum from persecution.

On Monday (Jan 9) we had 2 new men come from a nearby country. One of the men was a pastor, who had his church demolished & he was severely beaten with lasting injuries. His wife & children are currently under house arrest in an attempt to lure this man back to his country.

Before Christmas, we had another man come to our class from Pakistan who fled to Bangkok seeking asylum. He was a Muslim who converted to Christianity. At one point, he was also beaten/stoned to the point he lost one eye. His wife is currently back in Pakistan in hiding.

It is a sad reminder of how Satan, our defeated yet dangerous foe, is still trying to destroy God's church & his people. However, each of these men who have come to our class, still praise God and remain strong in their faith.

Will you pray with me for these persecuted men to continue with us and gain strength from studying God's word?

Thank you for your interest in our work in Thailand. Thought you'd want to know.


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